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Interesting question, isn't it.

Horseform is the form on the horse and it is easy to look at every source for racing has the form shown, so I guess punters think it is very important, otherwise they would not spend money supplying it.

Of course form of the horse is how it has performed in the past, and in reality does not convert to what has been happening since it's last outing to todays race. What has past is documented and can not be changed to reflect the race today and the chances of the horse.

So really horseform form that you see everywhere is a history report of the horse, not a reflection of what it can do today, yes the past often reflects the future, but it is not the only weapon you have, as everyone betting has the horse form, you need the edge.

Not everyone has the minute by minute PRICE FORM.. the fact that you can have a tool that can be a guide to horses performance, that the stampeding mob does not have has to be an advantage right?

Sure you can look at the betfair or bookie graphs, but these are not specific, and while giving you an overall view, it does not filter out the noise of non runners, or specific time frames.

Plus you can not get a steamer and drifter report to your requirement, of volume and time frame, and save and print the report.

Why is PRICE or reliable that past race form?

Many things can happen between runs and the most accurate guide is the price of the horse. As this is telling us what connections to the horse think on the prospects of the horse for this race right now.How the horse is training, eating, health and injury wise is believe it or not all reflected in the price. Horses may be running to get a lower handicap, or getting race fit, in these cases the connections will not be supporting the horse, and the prices will drift as ressure from horse connections that know there horse is cherry ripe and are putting money into the market. While horses that connections think are not racing to win, will not be putting money into the market, so these horses will be drifting out in most cases.

Racing Price Monitor, is as it suggests, it monitors the prices of all horses racing on the day in UK and Ireland.

So you have figures that others don't (unfair advantage?). These figures can be tailored to suit what you are looking for.

Racing Price Monitor
As the name suggests, Racing Price Monitor is monitoring all UK and Ireland race meetings right from 6:00 am UK time and till the last race for the day is over. And it does that monitoring all seven days of the week and all 12 months of the year.

Without wasting any more time, let me take you into the software interface.
Post installation of the software (after your purchase), you will see the following screen.

Current Price – it will show the current price on offer for that horse. Once the race is over, it will show the last price available. (Please remember it is not Betfair Starting Price (BSP) but last price on Betfair before the BSP price.) you can assume it is price 1 second before the start time.

In the screenshot above, you can see all the horses for the day (both steamers and drifters) in the descending order of % movement.  So, both biggest drifters and steamers will get highlighted at the top. Their % movement is being measured between the current price and price at 10:30 am UK time.

And it changes continuously with every auto refresh and the runners which have been run will get automatically deleted.

Now, as a user of this software – you may want only horses for steamers and drifters which has decent amount of money matched 

So, we have an additional feature where you can decide the minimum volume matched for that horse to be either qualified in steamer or drifter category.

Please remember, we are considering this extra feature on volume matched only for steamers & drifters side.

You can enter the value here. i.e. if you enter 10,000 , it means only those horses will find their place in steamers & drifters list which has minimum of  $ ( US) 10,000 matched. Yes, this takes values in $.

Intent of this filter is to ensure we don’t get poor liquidity horses in our list which will obviously impact the % movement of prices and hence impact our steamers and drifters list. I would recommend keeping it 10,000 for Australian clients and 8,000 for UK and Ireland clients ( GBP) – just to ensure we filter out poor horses from the list.

The Steamers & Drifters list constantly update itself with every auto scan and you will know the best steamers and drifters for Uk and Ireland at any given point in time.

Racing Price Monitor is really available at very cheap price for the yearly subscription.  This is the only software in the world which can provide you visibility to Betfair price at every minute for all UK and Ireland horses at a such low price.

Buy it NOW before we increase the priceJ. We only plan to sell next 50 copies at this price so all our regular clients get this discounted copy.


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Four Races over a few hours while I was making the video

Three winners from the biggest steamers.





Early Reports

And a follow up.



And Dave....


Often the difference between the normal and expert..

Is knowledge and tools..

This tool will give you the knowledge the average bettor does not have.

For around 14 pences aday you can get this software, that will give you the EDGE.


In the words of the GREAT Arnold Pamer (Golfer)


The Luckier I get..."

Racing Price Monitor, maybe your LUCKY CHARM...

Certainly a valuable tool to serious horse players.




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